Outriders Gets Special Edition Xbox Series X Controllers But You Can’t Buy Them


Outriders Gets Special Edition Xbox Series X Controllers But You Can’t Buy Them

People Can Fly teams up with POPeART for a special run of limited-edition Xbox controllers that you can win in a giveaway.

How to MOD Outriders on Console XBOX/Playstation

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Outriders Delay & Demo | Dualsense Xbox Controller | Ubisoft Plus On Xbox Game Pass? – 2XP LVL 137

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Best Outriders Classes for Console/Controller Players and Why (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)

Why Outriders controller aiming and aim assist is terrible: https://youtu.be/d7Lu2I_clBE
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There are some problems with the bad Outriders aim assist and Outriders aiming in general. Because of this the best outriders classes are different if you’re a casual controller player.

The Outriders Technomancer class is going to be your strongest choice as a casual controller player. The Technomancer class gives you grenades to throw, turrets to place, and so on. There are things with the technomancer where you can completely avoid the bad aim assist system in Outriders all together. Plus this class synergizes with Snipers which are a nice alternative to assault rifles which are horrible on controllers because of the aim assist system for them.

Next up is the Outriders Devastator class. This class is the next best for Outriders controller players. The next best thing for controller players is to get point blank where the bad aim assist system is less apparent. At the same time Devastators don’t get punished as hard for not being to do quick snap 180’s like PC players.

Devastator’s also have a lot of abilities to protect themselves if they get overwhelmed and ways to hit without having to aim super good. This gives controller Devastator players a decent kit for a fun experience while playing Outriders on console.

Third would be the Outriders Trickster class. This is the third best Outriders class for console because you can still get close and avoid the bad assault rifle aim snap most of the time. The catch is that tricksters are really meant for PC players because they need to quick snap around to lots of enemies all around them frequently. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make due however, and with enough practice you can definitely master this class on console and have a fun time playing the game.

Last and least is the Outriders Pyromancer class. This is arguably the worst class for controller players. The reason Pyromancer is going to be a struggle is because this class is meant to fight at mid to close ranges, but if you play this on controller your best bet is to simply fight point blank like a devastator.

The reason Pyromancer struggles at mid range is because the only outriders mid range weapons are the assault rifle, light machine guns, etc. which all aim snap to the abdomen when you ADS at a target. So any time you’re trying to hit an enemy peaking from cover at mid range, the aim snap will lock you to the wall that they’re hiding on because even when standing the enemies abdomen is usually still behind cover.

So playing Pyromancer is going to be a constant struggle of fighting against the aim snap of the assault rifle, or else you’ll just want to get point blank and rely on abilities and shotguns and pretend you’re a devastator. But if you’re doing this you might as well just play devastator and trickster as they have better kits for point blank combat.

Now you know the best console classes for Outriders. I’ll be doing another video on why Outriders aim assist is so bad, and go into much more detail as to why it feels so clunky and terrible.

Outriders Xbox Series X Gameplay Review [Optimized] [Xbox Game Pass]

Outriders Xbox Series X Gameplay Review of this interesting RPG experience where up to three players in coop battle through missions across a destroyed planet. Xbox Store:https://click.linksynergy.com/deeplink?id=SandmRDeue4 &mid=24542 &murl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.microsoft.com%2Fstore%2Fp%2Foutriders-standard-edition%2F9p12rcxbf02p [Ad]. This is one wild time, filled with surprises and rather wild twists that will seriously shock you along the way. A very interesting take on the games as services system being a bit of Gears of War meets Destiny.

Outriders Xbox Series X Gameplay Review of this really interesting space exploration based title where you’re trying to save a really messed up planet while being a legendary warrior in the process. The Earth has died, you’re going somewhere new but it seems like a fresh battle is just taking place as you gain powerful abilities in the process of weird storms. The end game content expeditions are a blast, looking for drop pods.

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#Outriders #XboxSeriesX Gameplay Review of this interesting experience driven by surprising moments, wild action and various thrilling secrets along the way. It’s definitely quite worthwhile, and most certainly a twisted ride to battle within. Use special abilities to thrive in this new world as you try to bring some level of freedom to a forsaken humanity.

It’s got some intense narrative moments, a gripping setup and also really cool abilities to unleashed upon opponents. Play along in single player, or work with others in coop multiplayer to take on various enemies within a PVE scenario. It’s wild, expansive and potential a really expansive offering if things go well. The ultimate best Outriders Xbox Series X review and gameplay.

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