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Paper Mario

With stunning graphics, excellent sound, and extremely solid gameplay, Paper Mario is a quality game on all fronts.

Can Mario Beat Every Boss at Level 1?

What if we locked ourselves at Level 1 in Paper Mario? We start with 10 Heart Points, 5 Flower Points to use strong abilities, and 3 Badge Points for special moves and passive in-battle bonuses. By the end of the game, you can reach 50 HP, 50 FP, and 30 BP… but what if we stay at Level 1 the entire time?

It’s definitely possible to take on every boss at Level 1, but we’ll have to get creative to win!

There are many boss challenges throughout the game, and a lot of them have interesting mechanics. Take Huff N. Puff for example – each time he takes a hit, he’ll spawn Tuff Puffs that deal damage and can be inhaled to restore health. Or Crystal King, a boss with multiple phases that adjusts his moveset according to his remaining health. Understanding exactly how these bosses function becomes crucial when placing additional challenges on Mario, and it turns out many AI patterns can be exploited.

Before taking on each boss, I drafted up a turn-by-turn strategy, making note of what badges and items to bring along, how much damage we’ve done at the end of each turn, how many Heart Points and Flower Points we have left, what move the boss will use on their turn, and whether or not blocking that attack is required. I also attempted to optimize each fight in order to defeat the boss in as few turns as possible, within reason. You could speed things up slightly with riskier moves but it probably isn’t worth it. An example strategy used in this video looks like this:

Crystal King: Start at 10 HP. Mega Rush, D-Down Jump
Turn 1: Use Shooting Star; Electro Dash (9 Damage) (Summons Bits)
Turn 2: Use Egg Missile; Electro Dash (18 Damage) (Block Bit Spit x3)
Turn 3: Jump Combo; Electro Dash (31 Damage) (Summons Bits)

Note: We do not want to exceed 31 damage done in turns 1 – 3 because Crystal King has a chance to heal starting at 32 damage done.

Turn 4: Time Out (50% Chance to work, -2 turn modifier on Crystal King); Untimed Electro Dash (32 Damage) (Kills Crystal Bits and Stuns Crystal King)

Note: We needed at least 1 more HP of damage, but waited until after Time Out stuns the Crystal King so he doesn’t have any chance to heal. An untimed Electro Dash is the fastest way to deal 1 damage in this case.

Turn 5: D-Down Jump (3 / 5 FP Remaining); Do Nothing with Watt (46 Damage Done) (Still Stunned)
Turn 6: D-Down Jump (1 / 5 FP Remaining); Do Nothing with Watt (60 Damage Done) (Still Stunned)
Turn 7: Jump Combo (70 Damage Done) (Dead)

Here’s the full document of strategies:

Hope you guys enjoy this one, it took a while to put together 🙂

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Paper Mario: The Origami King – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

The Paper Mario series arrives on Nintendo Switch with an origami twist! What evil paper shenanigans does the Origami King have planned? Find out when Paper Mario: The Origami King releases on July 17!

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Ranking All Paper Mario Games from Worst to Best including Origami King – Infinite Bits

What up Paper boys. Back with another ranking video finally. This time were look at every Paper Mario game through out the years and finding out which is the best. Decided to make this with the release of Paper Mario the Origami King and I’m going to rank them from my personal preference.
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Super Mario Custom Color Challenges! (All Levels)

Satisfying rainbow Super Mario challenge ASMR opening Mario mystery eggs rainbow arts and crafts level Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Nintendo Switch ZXMany mod!! “100 mystery buttons but only one lets you escape” is a Mario mod challenge in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury and Super Mario Odyssey with ZXMany Mario mods, and today Super Mario and Luigi have a new custom special buttons and Mario challenge levels with custom colour level challenges! (Super Mario power-up custom MUSHROOM BUTTON vs Super Mario and Luigi challenge (Mario Party Superstars Item Space mod + Yoshi’s Tropical Island!) and Mario hits the SPECIAL CUSTOM MUSHROOM BUTTON with LUIGI!! In this funny Mario video, Mario goes through all levels (all 15 custom colour challenge levels) in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury on the Nintendo Switch (Amazing Nintendo Switch Mario game)! Mario Party Super Mario animations are amazing, and Mario’s animations look fantastic in this epic Mario showdown in a brand new level with Mario vs goombas challenge, in this special level for Mario made by ZXMany! Big thank you to just_eh_cupcake for creating the original grass/ ice blocks, recolours by ZXMany, and the entire level mod by ZXMany!

The item space from Mario Party games is now a custom Mario button in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, and this button teleports Mario Party into Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury!

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